Writing an Impressive Job Description

Job descriptions have an integral role to play during the hiring process. It is the only way one can attract prospective employees and sustain the existing ones. A job description clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of every employee therefore not only does the employee have an idea of his current position and growth process in the firm but also serves as a check or basis when the company hires people.


Writing a job description involves great skill since it is on the basis of the description prospective employees will get attracted and existing ones are well-informed of their standing in the firm. Every job description distinguishes each employee’s responsibility depending on his or her position in the company, the relationship or connection of the current job to the other jobs and most importantly the description states the qualifications one has to possess for the respective job.

What to and what not to write

An important aspect of writing a job description is to keep in mind what to include and what to avoid. Every employee likes flexible timings. Thus one must not be very rigid with the work timings thereby allowing a little flexibility ensuring that the employees are happy. Happy employees give better results and therefore the entire work culture is lively and enjoyable. However every job description must specifically include the job title, the objective of the job profile, the summary of the work, key roles and responsibilities, place of work, company policies and of course the salary bracket. Such a description gives a complete picture of what the job demands to any lay man.

Use of appropriate language

To be at par with the company’s standards and to convey the information in the most effective and short way possible one must be very careful with the choice of words. More than often a job description is either too lengthy or informal.

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