What are the Job Descriptions?

You will generally find job descriptions in a variety of forms at the workplace, Recruitment ads, among the various tools in the company, and many more. Basically a job description is an important management tool that revolves around a particular job profile for which it is designed; each job profile has a job description that is exclusively designed for that job. Basically the job description sets out the purpose of the job and the duties and tasks the appointed individual is responsible to perform. This document also contains a brief description about the company and the nature of the job so that the applicant will have a clear picture, further the details of the salary and compensation that is offered to home for the duties he/she will perform is also specified in this document hence this is an important document in organisation irrespective of this size.Although there is a standard format for the job description but depending on the nature of job and the type of company there can be significant changes in the format.

Companies give a lot of care while designing a job description so that the message is conveyed in the right way and right candidate is appointed with ease. Job descriptions are useful and important for both organisation and employee; here is a brief on the importance of the job description form both the point of views.

Firstly from organisations point of view, the organisation uses job descriptions for the following purposes.

  • Efficient definition of the functions and responsibilities of a job, so that there is no misunderstanding.
  • As a mechanism for recruitment, that helps in appoint an ideal and efficient candidate.
  • According to the standards specified in the job descriptions, right candidate can be sorted and figured out.
  • The job descriptions need to be updated from time to time, hence they also for as a basic for employee training and development.
  • For assigning the jobs to the newly appointed employee, when all the employees have a clear picture of the job they are expected to perform then there is no chance of misunderstanding to misconceptions and so the organisation will function efficiently.
  • When the organisations function efficiently they will achieve the goals in time.
  • The overall [profitability of the firm is largely dependent on efficient performance of the organisation and the organisations work efficiently with the help of job descriptions.

The job description is also helpful for the employee in many ways some of the uses are discussed here

  • Generally the candidate applying for the job also needs a job description to be able to understand what is expected from is him/her to perform.
  • This document will also help to prepare format he interview and also help to analyse the issues to be negotiated or discussed at the interview.
  • The job description is also helpful for researching the placements in the market.
  • The description will better inform the candidate about what he/she is expected and what he/she is offered.

Writing job descriptions is not an easy task and it has to be carefully drafted as job descriptions aren’t just pieces of paper but are the cornerstone to hiring effectively, communicating expectations to new employees, evaluating performance, terminating employees who can’t meet your job requirements, and many more. The process of creating a job description is generally undertaken by the human resource department under the guidance and help of the other department for which the job description is being designed or is related to.

A well-crafted job description provides the applicant and the employee a blueprint for the job and is a basic tool that is used to while hiring, and even after to measure and manage the performance of each employee,and it is also a basis from some of the important organisational decision and tasks, hence it is important to take appropriate time and create an accurate description that will help greatly in future. Here is a brief on where the job description will be needed.

  • The job description is used for the purpose of hiring andis also helpful to weed out applicants who don’t have the necessary qualifications and find a new employee who possess the qualities, willingness and skills to perform the job.
  • The job descriptions are helpful while interviewing the candidate and are helpful to build set of interview questions.
  • The job descriptions also useful for orientation of the new appointed employee and can provide aid to understand what the company expects form him/her.
  • It is also used to measure the performance of the employee against the expectations. The description is a written proof that the employee has been brought to knowledge of what is expected form him/her.
  • The job description informs about the compensation and is an appropriate way to measure the value of a job and set the pay accordingly.
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