Sales Associate Job Description

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Sales associate is the person who is given high importance in any store, because he is the person who promotes company products and sells them to the customers. Whether it may be a grocery, book store or clothing srore we get to find these sales associates playing major role in assisting the customers in purchasing products.

  • Role of Sales Associate

The main purpose of this sales associate position is to sell the products of the company to the customers and also keep a track of complete sales information along with number of [roducts sold and the profits earned. However thse sales associates apart from heping the customers and maintaining sales re[ports does ,many other duties so let have some quick information about duties and responsibilities of sales associate in the below points.

  • Greeting the customer as soon as they enter the store is the main duti of a sales associate in every store.
  • Helping the customers in acquiring knowledge on particular product and hepling them in purchasing the deesired product
  • Loading and unloading the products from truck is also one of the duties of a sales associate.
  • Keeping a complete track of sales done on particular day is the main responsibilty of a sales associate.
  • Ensure all the p[roducts are available in the store and if nopt it is his responisbility upodate the storte manager regarding the same.
  • Attending phone calls and replying to the dealers emails is sales associates responsibilty.
  • Solving customer queries or compalint related to the products that they purchase.
  • Ensure customers satisfaction and safety at store.
  • Need to be updated with all price changes and discounts on particular products.
  • Helping the new employees in understanding rules and reugualtions in the store and giving appropriate training.

This is how the sales assopciate will be engaged with his daily duties and responsibilities. However these duties of sales associate may again vary depending upon the type of store he is working in.

  • Salary range for Sales Associate

Sales associate as dicussed above plays a major role in all type of stores, now  its tme for uis to know about the salary package of a sales associate. The national hourly rate of a sales associate is round $15, 954 – $66,132 including comission, bonus and profit sharing. Below mentioned tables will give you a clear picture of how salary package of every partiular sales associate vary.

  • Salary according to city


Salary Range

New York

$28,204 – $92,305

Chicago, Illinois

$29,017 – $66,564

Los Angeles, California

$19,966 – $83,745

Houston, Texas

$24,185 – $69,123

Dallas, Texas

$28,837 – $87,140



  • Salary according to years of experience



Salary Range

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Less than 1 year

$19,968 – $50,794

1-4 years

$21,394 – $60,198

5-9 years

$23,919 – $78,378

10-19 years

$25,073 – $79,644

20 years or more

$24,680 – $86,375

  • Salary according to company size

Company Size

Salary Range


$20,850 – $57,723


$20,195 – $65,280


$24,626 – $68,175


$24,440 – $71,292


$23,528 – $82,369

All the sales assopciates though perfrom similar duties and responsibilities however having different salary packages. So if you are looking for a career as a sales associate then it is advisable to have a look on salary range depending upon the above aspects.

  • Sales Associate Educational and skills requirement

Though to get into sales associate’s profession it does not need any higher educational qulaification however one need to have perfect skills suitable for this great profession. So let aqcuire some knowledge about what all the qualificationa and skills are expected by the employer from the applicant of sales associate

  • Hiving high school diploma or General eEducation Diploma the minimum education preferred by the employers while appointing a sales associate.
  • Most of the store manager expects sales associates to have minimum prior experience in the sale field.
  • Since sales associate needs to regulary interact with the customers it is mandatory to have exellent communicational skills
  • Well versed with all computer applications
  • Physically fit and capable of standing for long hours.
  • Capable of resolving issues spontaneously.
  • Ensure customer’s satisfaction
  • Friendly, polite and have pleasing personality.
  • Ready to work under stress levels
  • Good mathematical skills
  • Capable of lifitinh heabvy equipments.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • High convencing skills

Above are some of the basic educational and other skills required by the sales associate. So if you feel that you are perfect for this job then do not waste your time in thinking because we advise you this is the best job to get start your career path. It is believed by many people that a person worked as a sales associate can actually became capable of working in any other fields in the world so if you get a chance of getting into this profession then believe that the successful career path is knocking your doors.

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