Executive Assistant Job Description

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Executive assistant plays a very important role in providing support to executive staff. These executive assistants in fact have high demand in business world. An executive assistant actually help business people by sharing their managerial work and helps them in taking perfect decisions in business.  Apart from that in an executive assistant job there are various things to describe so let us acquire some knowledge on what exactly is executive assistant profession.

  • Role of an Executive Assistant

An executive assistant plays a very crucial role in helping people in business and performs many different tasks. There are some regular duties that an executive assistant needs to perform on daily basis like:

  • Schedule executive meetings and travel plans are one of the important duties that an executive assistant need to perform.
  • Assisting executives in all possible works likes in meetings, preparing documents and presentations.
  • Need to attend phone calls from clients and also respond to the emails received from clients and concerned party members without fail.
  • It is executive assistant duty to complete the assigned work at given time without any delay and by the end of the day it is his responsibility to report to the executive or supervisor with completion of given work.
  • Conducting market research and in turn helps executive in making important business decisions.
  • Updating executive about appoints with various clients.
  • It is executive assistant’s duty to make sure all the reports and data files are arranged in a perfect manner so as to avoid any inconvenience in business matters
  • Ensure client’s satisfaction with company services is one of the main responsibilities of an executive assistant.
  • If any changes happen in company rules then executive assistant is the one who need to acquire complete knowledge about all the changes taken place so as to update the staff members.
  • He sometimes needs to take staff meetings on behalf of manager or supervisor.
  • Performing managerial duties in absence of manager is also one of the main duties of an executive assistant.
  • Salary Range for Executive assistant:

The national salary data of an executive assistant as per U.S. pay scale including bonus, commission and profit sharing is $30,203 – $69,373. However, the salary range of this profession may again vary from one company to another, one place to another and in fact from one person to another. So let us have some clear information about how executive assistant’s salary vary from one to another in the below mentioned tables.

Salary according to city

City Salary Range

New York

$35,666 – $79,297

Chicago, Illinois

$34,989 – $67,175

Los Angeles, California

$30,202 – $70,538

Houston, Texas

$30,838 – $63,668

Washington, District of Columbia

$35,582 – $72,086


Salary According to years of experience


Salary Range

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Less than 1 year

$24,990 – $48,693

1-4 years

$28,329 – $55,009

5-9 years

$31,742 – $64,462

10-19 years

$36,217 – $70,355

20 years or more

$37,607 – $74,143


Salary According to Company Size

Company Size

Salary Range


$27,792 – $59,141


$29,680 – $66,273


$32,122 – $66,238


$34,958 – $67,288


$36,091 – $70,402

Therefore above mentioned are the salary details of Executive Assistant as per U.S. pay scale which may again change depending upon the profession’s demand in business world.

  • Executive Assistant Educational and skills requirement:

As discussed above, Executive assistant role is given high importance in entire business world, because of which many people are looking forward to get into this great profession. However before you decide to get into this great profession it is important to know about skills and educational background that a person need to have to get eligible for this great profession. So let us have information about educational and skills requirements of executive assistant in below points.

  • Need to take subjects like economics, math, business or accounting in high school.
  • Complete 2 years associate’s degree program
  • Having bachelor’s degree will actually help in working as an executive assistant to CEO’s and directors.
  • Having perfect knowledge about computer and need to be well versed with MS office.
  • Have good memory power
  • Excellent communicational and written skills are the main qualities that an executive assistant needs to have.
  • Capable of handling a team
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Must have high patience level
  • Capable of working extra hours whenever necessary
  • Capable of giving spontaneous ideas whenever required by the management for business development.
  • Capable of handling difficult situations

Apart from above mentioned requirements if a person holds certification as Certified Administrative Profession then he/she can reach higher-ends of successful career in this executive assistant profession. So if you feel this professional is best suitable for you then do not make any delay in applying for this best profession.

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