Cashier Job Description

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Cashier is the person whom we get to find in all the stores, hospitals, libraries shopping malls and many more. The importance of chasier in all the above mentioned places are very high because he is the person whom every customer or visitor of above mentioned places meets at the end to settle the payments for the products purchased or for the services taken.

  • Role of Cashier

Role of cashier in every place like shopping malls to hospitals is to receive payments from the customers. It is his main duty to prepair bills and receive payments whether it may be cash, credut/debit cards, coupns and so on. Most of the people feel cashier job is very simple and easy to perform as they assume that the job of the cashier is just to receive payments however thisis not true, because a cashier apart from just receivng payments from the customers does many other duties and responsibilities as mentioned in the below points.

  • The first and foremost duty of a cashier is to check howe much money is available at the cash counter before starting the duty and at the end of the day count the amount of cash collected and update the same to the store manager.
  • Make himself updated with al the discounts on the products and price changes of the products if any
  • Prepairing bills for the customers including discounts if any
  • Receive payments and return back the change to the customers.
  • Arrange all the cash in at the counter desk safely.
  • If any problem occurs with the cash counter machine then its cashier’s responsibility to apologise the customer and forward the issue to the higher authorities.
  • If customers does payments via debit or credit cards then it’s cashier’s responsibility to take customer details and signature.
  • When customer makes cash payments then cashier needs to check with the cash given by the customers is original or not.
  • Always make sure to have required change at the cash counter so as to avoid any inconvenineces at cash counter desk.
  • Need to be well updated with product codes if working as a cashier in super markets.

Above mentioned are some of the main and basic responsibilties of a cashier so if you think cashier’s job is just to receive money from the customers then its advisable to have a look on the abopve information for better understanding about exact job resposnibilities of a cashier.

  • Salary Range for Executive assistant

The salary pacakage of a cashier vary from one organisation to another however it is noticed that as per national salary data the average hourly rate of a cashier ranges between $14,987 – $22,876 including bonus, over time and profit sharing. However to be more clear about cashier’s salary package lets have a look on below mentioned tables.

  • Salary according to employer Type

Employer Type

Salary Range


$10,035 – $46,979


$9,225 – $37,095


$12,101 – $30,521

School / School District

$16,800 – $25,300

Other Organization

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$10,476 – $32,075


  • Salary according to years of experience


Salary Range

Less than 1 year

$8,661 – $44,976

1-4 years

$9,525 – $46,593

5-9 years

$8,656 – $34,687

10-19 years

$15,234 – $48,479

20 years or more

$19,000 – $33,385


  • Salary according to company size

Company Size

Salary Range


$13,272 – $33,000


$10,010 – $25,000


$9,600 – $24,000


$12,263 – $33,181

  • Cashier Educational and skills requirement

Education and other skills required for cashier job is mentioned in the below points. Applying for cashier job ion different organisations may reuqire different skills and educational qualifications however below mentioned are the basic things that every applicant need to have while applying for this perfect profession in any organisation.

  • Graduation especially in finance is needed to apply for cashier’s job
  • No prior experience is need but if have a prioor experinece then that would be an added advantage for the applicant.
  • Capable of understandinf financial fluctuations and handle the situations perectly
  • Msut have perfect knowledge on how to prepare ledger books.
  • Capable of working under stress level
  • Highly patient and must have friendly nature
  • Excellent communicational and computer skills

Therefor above mentioned is the brief desprioption about cashier’s job which will for sure helps you a lot in understanding what is what about this profession before applying for this post. This profession is highly suitable for the people who are planning to start their career path. And it is noticed that students or young teenegers give high preference to this job because it is proven as one of the stress free and perefect job especially for the people who likes to work for part time. We get to find about 50 percent of people working as a cashier are part timers and are young teenagers.

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