Administrative Assistant Job Description

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Administrative assistant is the person who provides administrative support to the office which is helpful in running the office smoothly. This administrative assistant works under the supervision of administrator and at the end of the day he needs to report to the administrator without any fail. Administrative assistant post is given high preference in all types of organizations because he acts as one of the main reasons for perfect maintenance of an organization.

  • Role of Administrative Assistant

The Role of administrative assistant in an office is very important because he works as a multi tasked and performs all the main duties in an office. The main purpose of administrative assistant in any office or company is to clerical support like answering phone calls, replying to the client’s emails, scheduling meetings and many more. Let us have some brief information about administrative assistant duties and responsibilities that he needs to perform on daily basis.

  • Attending phone calls
  • Replying to the emails received by the clients.
  • Planning and scheduling meetings.
  • Appointing new employees and give training.
  • Helping the manager in conference.
  • Doing regular research and ensuring company’s success
  • Using fax machines and scanners.
  • Regular interaction with all the staff members including technical department.
  • Handle managerial duties in the absence of manager.
  • Maintain office files and documents.
  • Ensuring employee’s safety in the office is also one of the main responsibilities of an administrative assistant.
  • Need to come up with all new ideas in order to improve company’s profits.
  • Finding best solutions to overcome any hurdles in the company.
  • Observing all the staff members performance and giving feedbacks based on their performance.
  • Discussing with the manager or human recourses regarding employee’s salary packages and bonuses.

Though the administrative assistant main aim is to run the company smoothly but there are many other duties that he needs to perform out of which above mentioned are some of the main duties and responsibilities. However these responsibilities may again vary from one company to another


  • Salary range for Sales Associate

As per national salary data the administrative assistant hourly rate including bonus, profit sharing and overtime ranges between $21,174 and $45,028. To make it more clear for you about how the salary [package of these administrative assistance vary from one to another depending upon various aspects we came up with below tables. Have a look on these below mentioned tables that helps you in acquiring more knowledge on how the salary package is calculated for this great profession.

  • Salary according to city


Salary Range

New York

$28,791 – $57,576

Chicago, Illinois

$26,217 – $50,370

Los Angeles, California

$24,138 – $49,801

Houston, Texas

$25,546 – $49,127

Boston, Massachusetts

$29,668 – $51,618


  • Salary according to years of experience

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Salary Range

Less than 1 year

$20,016 – $41,271

1-4 years

$22,072 – $41,957

5-9 years

$24,050 – $47,416

10-19 years

$25,007 – $51,255

20 years or more

$25,679 – $55,587



  • Salary according to company size

Company Size

Salary Range


$19,681 – $42,470


$23,048 – $45,154


$24,342 – $48,637


$24,523 – $49,072


$25,188 – $51,863

Hope the above mentioned salary tables gave you the clear picture about how administrative assistant salary package is calculated. However it is important to know that the above mentioned salary figures are not the permanent figures but changes depending upon particular company’s financial situations and so on.

  • Administrative Assistant Educational and skills requirement

Administrative assistant profession is given high importance especially by the people who are looking for highly professional job along with perfect salary package. So have a look on below mentioned educational qualifications and make yourself sure whether you are really fit for this fantastic profession which makes your career path bright and successful.

  • Having bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, statistics or marketing is mandatory to apply for this great profession.
  • Having minimum experience in the same field will make your career successful in administrative assistant field.
  • Excellent in typing and good communicational skills.
  • Perfect enthusiasm in learning new things.
  • Good at writing and solving problems quickly.
  • Capable of operating various office equipments like fax machines, scanners, telephones, typing machines and many more.
  • Capable of handling a team
  • Physically fit.
  • Good knowledge about how to interact with business clients.
  • Friendly and polite
  • Capable of handling difficult situations in a perfect manner.

If you are also one out of those persons who are focusing more on professions reputation and also healthy salary package we suggest you to think about administrative assistant profession which will for sure gives you job satisfaction and helps you in earning best salary. You can just browse the internet and look for the vacancies for administrative

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